The Confusion About Prescription Orthotics

Just Because it Looks Like a Duck Doesn’t Mean It’s A Duck…..







There  seems to be a lot of confusion about the concept of Custom Orthotics.

There is a bombardment of misleading ads and displays regarding orthotics everywhere we go – malls, online, television, fairs ….if you grab something off the shelf, how can it be ‘custom fit’? There are many digital scan techniques to diagnose your foot problem, but don’t assume that high-tech is better.

Custom, functional orthoses are unique – unique to YOU. By definition, custom-made functional orthoses can only be made from a three dimensional anatomical model of the patient’s own feet.

These devices are designated to reduce the pathological forces (the natural forces of standing, walking or just going through normal daily activities) and to control abnormal motion or abnormal position of the foot.

Custom prescription (functional) orthotics are not only made ‘from scratch’, based on your Doctor’s creation of a 3-D mold of your feet and his detailed prescription to accommodate your particular biomechanical needs (the forces exerted on your foot), but they are made specifically and only for you. In doing so, your doctor is able to address every small and different motion in your foot to make sure that you are working at optimum performance.

Custom functional orthotics are extremely useful in treating heel pain, bunions, neuromas and most painful foot conditions, including hallux limitus (See ‘What We Treat: Lack of Joint Motion’).

There is no substitute for custom orthotics. If you have found some relief from over-the-counter or step-in-foam devices, imagine that multiplied by ten, and that is the benefit you will see by coming to us for prescription orthotics.



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