It’s Not Just About Feet !

Although foot care is our specialty and focus, we at Tri-State Podiatry truly care about the person attached to those feet.

One of the things we enjoy about coming to work each day is not only helping people become more active by relieving foot pain, but also learning about our patients’ daily lives and experiences.

This is Francis. He doesn’t mind our disclosing the fact that he is 96 yrs old. He recently drove himself to our office and, while talking with him before the Doctor came in, he  mentioned that his wife had washed all the curtains and that he had asked her to wait for him to get home to help hang them. When asked how long they were married, his immediate response was “75 years July 16th”. He added, ‘my wife is doing pretty well, she gets a LITTLE bit forgetful at times”. Really ??? What about us?

I think Francis and his wife take the record for the longest married couple in our practice. Congratulations and best wishes !

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This is June. She is a lovely lady. We always are happy to see her on the schedule.

We were concerned when we heard that June had been in the hospital, and were happy to see her return to our office.  Learning that she had taken a fall at home, we asked what had happened. She said, matter-of-factly, “ I broke my wrist and had bleeding on the brain.”

June , who lives alone, was able to call her family, who brought her to the hospital. Her injuries were felt to be serious enough to transport her across Lake Champlain to a large medical center.

After examinations and many tests, a doctor came in and said, “I am afraid we need to operate”. June replied, “Oh no you’re not !’ The surprised doctor asked why.

“Because I just had a perm”, June answered.

Doctor: “Do you mean to tell me that your perm is more important than your life?”

“Yes it is,” June stubbornly replied.

Amazingly, June got her way. She spent a few days in the hospital under close observation and was discharged home, without surgery. As you see from her beautiful smile above, she has recovered nicely. We certainly enjoyed a good laugh that day !

Below is another illustration of the fun we have with our patients:

Recently, Dr. Donela was treating a patient in our Massachusetts office. She lives in the Berkshires, and is a Biology teacher at the local high school.

In the course of conversation, it was discovered that Dr. Donela and Jackie were fellow alumni from Walt Whitman High School in Huntington Station, New York (Long Island).

On a subsequent visit, they both shared their yearbooks with each other and realized that, in spite of the nearly 20 year spread in graduation years, they both had the same teacher. Interestingly, he was their Biology teacher.

This is a picture of Dr. Donela and Jackie with their yearbooks. The staff enjoyed listening to all the reminiscing.

Connecting with people is what is so rewarding about what we do !

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