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Bone Spurs

A Bone Spur is an abnormal growth of bone in the heel, which may cause severe pain during walking or standing. Bone spurs can form in the feet in response to tight ligaments resulting from activities that put stress on the feet, as well as pressure from being overweight or from poorly fitting shoes. People with Plantar Fasciitis are likely to develop a Bone Spur. This happens when the Plantar Fascia, the long ligament on the bottom of the foot , becomes stressed or tight and pulls on the heel, causing it to become inflamed. As the bone tries to mend itself, a bone spur can form on the bottom of the heel. Immediate care may involve resting to speed healing, using ice and or compression for swelling, elevation to reduce swelling, over the counter medications for pain, and possibly injecting anti-inflammatory medication such as cortisone. Depending on your diagnosis, options may include orthoses which are custom made inserts, physical therapy, wearing footwear that meets your needs, and possibly surgery to release tight ligaments or pinched nerves.

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bennington,berkshires,plattsburgh,adams,adirondack,elizabethtown,keesville,massachusetts,north adams,lake placid,saranac,vermont,williamstown.willsboro,wilmington
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