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Patient Testimonials

patient quotes

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Dr. Donela on behalf of my 13 year old son Benjamin.  Ben gets extremely anxious when facing any kind of shot or procedure; however, Dr. Donela was so good with him that his anxiety has decreased considerably!  As a mom, I am truly grateful to Dr. Donela and Barbara for their great care of my son.  Dr. Donela's humor and patience while interacting with Ben speaks to his bedside manner with kids! .patient quotes

Lisa J.

patient quotes

Thank you for all your compassion and understanding with me and all of my foot issues.I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have finally found such a wonderful Doctor !
Just knowing the actual cause of these problems has been a huge weight lifted.
Thank you so much.patient quotes

Heather D.

patient quotes

I wanted to write to you to comment on the remarkable service I have received in your office. While I am normally a very positive person, I do have to say I have encountered some pretty frustrating medical offices.  Yours has been welcoming, efficient, always punctual and when I am in the room, the attention remarkable.  Barbara and Laura are so lovely, helpful and professional.  I work full-time so taking time to see a doctor can be difficult.  In your case, I have never waited unreasonably and when we are in the treatment room, you are fully ensconced in my case, answer all of my questions and I have never felt rushed.  I thank you for that.

I woke up today, for the first day, pain free!!!  I still know it is there, but no limp today for the first day, And, I am running again !

Thank you again for all that you and your team have done for me.patient quotes

Molly K.


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More Patient Testimonials

patient quotes

Dear Dr. Donela,
I apologize for the delay in my writing to you, but a week does not go by that I don't think about it.


Although we only had a couple of visits in early April I believe you have been instrumental in saving my
life. Although you did not recognize the growth on my foot as being melanoma you had the knowledge
and expertise to do a biopsy instead of just removing the growth. This growth had no appearance of
your typical melanoma and I thank you for doing this biopsy and for getting it done quickly. To further
add to my gratitude I also thank you for sending me to Dr. David Elpern, a wonderful dermatologist in
Williamstown. Dr. Elpern picked up where you left off and got me the care I needed.

I had the tumor removed, and unfortunately the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes in my groin and
therefore they were also removed. I have had a tremendous struggle but as I am writing this letter to
you there is no further evidence of cancer anywhere else. I pray this trend continues but I hate to think
of what might have happened without the professional caring attitude of both you and Dr. Elpern. My
family and I will be forever grateful for all you have done.patient quotes

Tim G.

patient quotes Dear Tri-State Podiatry,
Thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy these beautiful mountains again. My foot injury wasn't healing on its own because the conditions necessary weren't being fostered by my existing footwear. Your carefully fitted orthotics made it possible for my own body's healing ability to kick in and do the job. Thank you!patient quotes
A satisfied Adirondack hiker
patient quotes I just wanted to say thank you very much for calling my mom on Thanksgiving evening. She was very surprised. My mom is doing much better!patient quotes
Karen W.
patient quotes

I came to Dr. Donela when I had terrible foot pain in both feet after a hike. He worked tirelessly to correct the problem.  We were close to considering surgery, but the custom orthotics he had me using started to do the trick.

The difference between wearing the custom orthotics from Dr Donela and no orthotics is like night and day.


Not only am I able to comfortably make it though a day, I am running pain free now and am planning on triathlons and marathons, which would otherwise be impossible. I am even looking forward to my second Ironman!patient quotes
John S.

patient quotes I attribute my ability to run again to a variety of factors. First and foremost is the care, concern, patience and expertise of Tri-State Podiatry. I always felt that you were sincerely interested in giving me the best care, advice and support possible. You never dismissed my interest in running as being inconsequential or meaningless I sensed that you realized that running was an important factor in my life and that you wanted to help give that back to me. For that I truly thank you.patient quotes
Greg J.
patient quotes

Being able to walk with my husband and dog again is huge! I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for several months. It is exhausting physically and mentally every single day. You lose the desire to not only do the things you have to do, but also the things you enjoy the most. Simple things become a chore. For me, medications and shots didn’t work.


When Dr. Donela suggested a treatment called Extracorporeal Radial Wave Therapy, and told me that this was a way my own body could possibly heal itself, I knew this was the treatment I wanted to explore. No pills, no shots, what a concept. I have received four treatments, and I am again enjoying life, work, walking, and even wearing all my ‘fun’ shoes again. Thank you so very much.patient quotes
Pamela F.

patient quotes As I approach the first anniversary of my foot surgery, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone in your office for your gentle, reassuring, and very capable care.patient quotes
Donald L.
patient quotes I wanted to mention how much I appreciated the thoughtful care you and your staff provide. You all do such a great job of making one feel comfortable and at ease and not part of the herd. patient quotes
Christina S.

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